The Witcher 3 Collector’s Edition

The Witcher 3 Collector’s Edition the best of the year so far.

The Witcher 3 Collector's Edition Contents
Here’s all the stuff you get in this substantial package.

CD Projekt RED really hit it out of the park with this one.

This VERY LARGE package comes with the collector’s edition staples: a soundtrack CD, an art book, and a paper map. It even includes a steelbook case, for all you steelbook nuts out there. The special dual-flap box is neat, but my lifting insert was folded incorrectly which is a minor annoyance.

Where this edition really hits the ball out of the park is with the statue and the medallion.

The statue is huge, heavy, and awesome. The packaging says it is hand-painted. I can neither confirm nor deny that, but it sure does look great. It’s made out of Polystone – which I believe is the same stuff that WETA workshop uses to make the Lord of the Rings collectibles.

The medallion is made out of some sort of metal, and is sure to be popular with the cosplay crowd. It’s a great thing to own if you frequent conventions like Dracon Con, or Comic Con. It’s heavy and feels substantial, which is nice because they really could have crapped out on this one.

I had forgotten about the preorder bonus. I preordered through Gamestop, and I got a metal keyring. It was an nice bonus, and it’s a quality item. I have to complain a bit, though, because they just threw it in the shipping box. The pointy wolf face dented my big box.

Oh yeah, The Witcher 3 is an amazing game too.

If you haven’t picked this up yet, the scalpers on eBay are going to be a thorn in your side. The PC version seems to be going for a bit more right now; it’s hanging around the $220 mark. It doesn’t appear to be a problem to buy a used copy, because CD Project RED is not big on copy protection on their games.

Grab The Witcher 3 Collector’s edition while the price is reasonable. RPG prices always skyrocket, and you want this one.

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