Online PC Game Preservation and The Very Worst PC Game Endings

The Big Box PC Game Collectors talk game preservation and game endings.

The Big Box PC Game Collectors host Google Hangouts every other Sunday at 2:00 PM (ish). Links to join are available to members in the Facebook Group.

0:02 – Joel flubs the intro. Again.

0:39 – Show and Tell Topic – Science Fiction Games: First game showed is Star Wars the Old Republic Collector’s Edition.

4:53 – Show and Tell Topic – Science Fiction Games: Stuart shows his Infocom Science Fiction Classics games collection, which includes Planetfall, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, and A Mind Forever Voyaging.

8:25 – Show and Tell Topic – Science Fiction Games: K.g. shows I have No Mouth and I must Scream, which is the classic Harlan Ellison adventure game. We also touch a bit on the games censorship problems in Europe.

14:18 – Our broadcast is interrupted by a troll (and yet still charming) rubber chicken. Please stand by, we’re having technical difficulties.

15:50 – Show and Tell Topic – Science Fiction Games: Joe shows off his copy of Privateer II, The Darkening. Apparently, Clive Owen owes his fame to this very game!

21:48 – Show and Tell Topic – Science Fiction Games: Pascal shows off some Star Trek games, including some really early examples in a book format. Since none of the games were Witcher related, Joel seemed to care less.

33:30 – We launch into our first discussion topic: How do we preserve online only and DRM laden games? Game preservation is a subject near and dear to our hearts. In the group, we’re sort of the boots on the ground when it comes to preserving the innards and packaging for old PC games. However, what happens to the more modern games which require an internet connection and servers controlled by the publisher? The conversation took a turn towards MMOs specifically, which do not exist except as always online experiences.

1:13:00 – Our second show and tell begins.

1:13:56 – Free Show and Tell – K.g. shows a virtual pet simulator called Oddballz, as well as some productivity software by Microsoft called Creative Writer.

1:18:44 – Free Show and Tell – Joel finally returns with his signed copy of Anarchy Online. Also presented are the two expansion packs. Since FunCom was on the brain, a cameo of The Secret World slipped in.

1:21:33 – Free Show and Tell – Stuart shows Murders in Space, along with some interesting pack ins, such as mystery health related equipment.

1:25:41 – Discussion Topic: Bad Game endings. We discuss some of the most vile game conclusions ever devised for the PC. Joel starts us off with a cheap shot aimed at Heroes of the Lance and Eye of the Beholder. Then, he really loses his cool with Mass Effect 3 which had a notoriously infuriating color-coded ending. In the absence of Half-Life 3, Joel also took some shots at Half-Life Episode 2’s ending. Stuart mentions Loom, and then sends The Secret of Monkey Island 2 to the mat (much to the chagrin of Pascal). Next up on the chopping block: Fable. Pascal makes a great case against this game’s ending, which would surely get the death penalty in Texas. A heated discussion follows with much shouting. Joe shifts the conversation to Ultima V and the great Avatar heist at the end of that game. Most all of us agreed that that ending was quite alright. Pascal agrees with Joel (amazingly) about episodic games and their cliffhanger endings.

1:53:21 – Free Show and Tell – Joe shows some stunning Ultima related comic book art. Also, Joe received a Royal Warrant from Richard Garriott himself.

1:59:29 – As Joe is talking, either a thief, or his son doing laundry can be seen in the background. Which one is it? We’ll have to find out next week…





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