SnarfQuest Tales and 80’s Nostalgia

SnarfQuest Tales

SnarfQuest Tales exists due to nostalgia for the things that made the 1980’s awesome for nerds.

Being a nerd in the early 1980’s was both difficult and incredible. On one hand, we had new and awesome stuff to get obsessed with. On the other hand, nerds had not yet graduated into the pop culture mainstream. Sure, we had the time of our lives in the basement drinking Mountain Dew and playing Dungeons and Dragons. But, we did it in the basement out of sight from the judging eyes of the general public. Back then, being called a nerd wasn’t a badge of honor.

Flash forward to 2016. ComicCon became a media sensation, and all-of-a-sudden everyone wanted to play Dungeons and Dragons. It’s wonderful.

One of the benefits of nerds being mainstream is projects like SnarfQuest Tales get funded on Kickstarter.

We interviewed James Simpson from Cellbloc Studios on yesterday’s VidCast (6-26-16). James is the person who got SnarfQuest Tales off the ground. I have met James twice in passing, but during this interview I realized that me and him have much in common.

I’ve always been a collector. I started this big box gaming project to bolster a community I couldn’t find. My passion for this stuff (all of it) is driven by nostalgia. James’ passion for SnarfQuest is also driven by nostalgia. As we listened to him telling detailed stories of how he got into this or that, it reminded me of myself.

What is SnarfQuest? SnarfQuest was a comic that ran in Dragon Magazine in the 80’s. Snarf was created by Larry Elmore. Elmore is best known as the classic Dungeons and Dragons covers artist, as well as his work on Dragon Lance. It was a funny and beautifully drawn comic, and it was one of the many pieces that made Dragon Magazine so special to gamers.

That was almost 40 years ago.

Thanks goodness the SnarfQuest Tales Kickstarter was funded. As a backer, I was pleased to see that the old guard remembered, and they put down their money to make this a reality. Now SnarfQuest can be introduced to a whole new generation on a completely different medium. Hopefully young gamers will seek out Elmore and the original comics.

I told James at the end of the interview that he was doing a service to gaming history, and I meant it. We spend a lot of time over at the big box group dealing with preservation of this stuff. James Simpson is doing good works towards that end.

You can buy SnarfQuest Tales on Steam HERE.

Both the interview and this blog are not paid advertisements.


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