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These rules are for the Big Box PC Game Collectors Facebook group located here.

HOW MUCH IS THIS WORTH POSTS: These posts are not allowed. They will be deleted on sight. The reasoning is that sellers are using it to get around our “no auctions” rule by poling the group, and then listing it for sale once a consensus is reached.

GAME SALES: Games sales and trades are not allowed in the Big Box PC Game Collectors group. We have a sister group for buying, selling, and trading located here.

PIRATES: Posting links to illegal software (which probably contain viruses) will not be tolerated in the group. You will be removed and permanently blocked as soon as we see them. There will be NO warnings – consider this your warning.

Posting about, discussing, or otherwise engaging in pirating of currently available software will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis at the admin’s discretion.

Please note: “Abandonware” is piracy. Please don’t post links to “abandonware” sites. NOTE there are some exceptions as it relates to game preservation (such as the Warcraft Adventures leak). Please contact an admin and ask before posting if this is the case.

ADMINS and MODS: Admins and Moderators have the power to ban or delete for any reason they see fit. These rules may be edited, tweaked, or changed at any admin’s discretion with no warnings needed.

DO NOT BLOCK ADMINS. You will be booted for doing so.