SnarfQuest Tales Kickstarter

SnarfQuest Tales could be a return to classic point-and-click adventure gaming.

We were excited to welcome James Simpson of Cellboc Studios to the group. James has been working on SnarfQuest Tales, which is live on Kickstarter now!

The collected SnarfQuest.

SnarfQuest is a point and click adventure game based on the SnarfQuest comics by Larry Elmore , which originally appeared in Dragon Magazine in the 80’s. Snarf gained quite a following, and allowed Larry Elmore to get his own kickstarter funded for a whole new comic book based on the character.

Of course, we at BBPCGC are most excited about games that come packaged in glorious, large boxes (packed with goodies), and the preview we got of what is to come with this particular game did not disappoint. The box will immediately remind any old-school gaming nerd of the original red box Dungeons and Dragons release, which Larry Elmore also painted the cover of.

The game was quickly Greenlit on Steam, and there is a playable beta which is available at times from the developer. You can learn more about this game at its Facebook page, or directly from the game’s website. Here’s hoping for a successful campaign!

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