Gaming links of interest for 15 Sept 2015 – Gary Carr leaving Lionhead

Not much PC news and even less big box news today, as outlets focus on the console-oriented Tokyo Games Show, but we’ve still got a few snippets for you, including Minecraft as art, how to get BioShock Infinite for cheap by voting in the Golden Joystick Awards, and Gary Carr departs Lionhead to go indie.

Minecraft sonnets: How poetry and gaming are joining forces
As the games industry opens up and development becomes more accessible, there’s an expanding niche for art games.

Creative director Gary Carr leaves Lionhead
Microsoft has confirmed Carr’s departure, which apparently will not affect the forthcoming release of F2P action RPG Fable Legends on Windows 10 and Xbox One. Following Peter Molyneux’s departure in 2012, Carr was the company’s most senior developer. GameSpot says Carr is establishing his own independent studio.

Tangentially, is anyone else intrigued by the way Microsoft seems to be positioning Windows 10 gaming to be tied into its store and synced with Xbox One and Windows Phone releases when it comes to its own properties?

The Golden Joystick Awards are still open
And I’ve just noticed that you can claim a digital copy of BioShock Infinite on PC for £1/$1/€1 if you vote. So, for the roughly three people who don’t have it, get voting! We’ll keep you posted on the results once they’re announced.

Bugatti makes real life version of its Vision Gran Turismo car
It’s unspeakably beautiful.

Fine. Look. There’s going to be Resident Evil online shooter. Everyone’s talking about it.
I’m sceptical.

Classic PS2 titles look to be coming to PS4
In good news for multiplatform retro gaming fans, Gadgette has spotted new PEGI ratings of PlayStation 2 titles Ape Escape 2, Twisted Metal: Black, and Dark Chronicle for release on the PlayStation 4.

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