Gaming Links of Interest: 16 September 2015 – GOG isn’t for sale

Today: rumours about CD Projekt Red (owners of GoG) being bought by EA (this is not actually happening), Rockstar takes to Twitter to slag off the BBC, Bethesda turns to id Software for advice on shooting stuff in Fallout 4, and the health benefits of gaming.

No, GOG is not for sale. Chill
You may have seen a rumour that CD Prokect Red, the company behind both and the Witcher games, might be sold to EA or [insert games publishing bogeyman here]. Um. No.

Japan PS4 price drop may not presage international equivalentThe PS4 has seen a price drop in Japan, but given the undisputed dominance of Sony’s new console in the European console wars, plus various economic factors in Europe and North America, international prices are less likely to follow suit.

Improve yourself: play more games
The BBC’s Horizons provides us with more evidence for what we’ve always known: not only do games not turn us into violent monsters, but they also improve spacial awareness and fine motor control.

Fallout 4’s combat will be more like a modern FPS, thanks to help from id
In a move that may get a mixed response from the Fallout series’ more traditional RPG enthusiasts, Fallout 4 is going to have more traditional FPS style blasting action, presumably replacing the V.A.T.S. system. Director Todd Howard said that “since id Software is part of our company, that’s the first thing we did, we call them”. Which makes sense. Who else has that kind of FPS heritage?

Rockstar Games isn’t happy with the BBC’s GTA docu-drama
Rockstar Games’ official account tweeted the BBC to describe new Beeb docu-drama The GameChangers as “random, made up bollocks”. The drama, which stars Daniel Radcliffe, is set in 2002, when US lawyers took Rockstar to court for corrupting young people. Won’t somebody PLEASE think of the children?


Oh, and for the benefit of Americans and other strange beings, this is Basil Brush:


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