Gaming links of interest for 14 Sept 2015 – StarCraft II Collector’s Edition

New Starcraft II expansion drops a big box collectors edition, Epic Games gives away Infinity Blade art assets, court orders Kickstarter money to be returned, Half-Life 3 news, and more!

Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void available to pre-order now
Blizzard has dropped the news that the Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void expansion will be released on the 10th of November, with a shiny boxed collectors edition to include a hardcover StarCraft Field Manual, a DVD loaded with cinematics and special features and a CD soundtrack, along with digital rewards. The long-awaited expansion will give players a Protoss campaign plus new multiplayer features. Meanwhile, Heart of the Swarm, the previous expansion focussing on Kerrigan’s Zerg forces, has been made stand-alone, so you won’t need Wings of Liberty in order to play it.

Free assets from Epic Games
Would-be game designers have received a huge chunk of material to inspire them with Epic’s release of assets from its iOS Infinity Blade games.

Mario turned 30 this weekend
Mario reached his third decade this weekend past. His creators reflect on 30 years as man, plumber, and gaming legend. Happy birthday, Mario!

Classic Sega sountracks released on vinyl
If you’re into both retro gaming and vinyl, you’re going to love these vinyl releases of the soundtracks from Sega’s Streets of Rage and Shenmue, fully licensed and lovingly remastered from original data files. Free hipster beard with every purchase. I’ll take six.

All the colours on your screen, all at once
If you’ve ever wanted to see what your graphics display is really capable, check out this code that uses every single color your monitor can produce to create mind-melting visuals.

First court victory against a delayed Kickstarter
This isn’t the shiniest of news, but it could affect those of us in the habit of backing gaming Kickstarters, with their often long waits until delivery. A Washington state court ordered the creators of the Asylum Playing Card campaign to reimburse backers, who were never sent their rewards. This sets a precedent in US law which may make Kickstarter campaign creators think twice before making promises they can’t deliver. However, given that games development often suffers from Valve Time, it could also impact on viable projects and serve to make Kickstarter a less inviting platform for devs.

Purported Valve leak includes L4D3 and Half-Life 3 release info
The ever-classy International Business Times has picked up on a month-old Reddit post in which a self-proclaimed Valve staffer claims that “I’m as big of a half-life fan as you guys are, and as seeing that at Valve HQ they straight-up ignore when you say something about Half-Life 3, then, I think that valve isn’t interested in Half-Life 3. Don’t worry guys, as bad as it may seem, I don’t think that Valve will never release it, they’re obviously waiting for the hype die down.” Seems legit.

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