Links of Interest Bumper Edition for 22 Sept 2015: Fallout 4 and Dogmeat

We’re experimenting with a different format for Links of Interest this week, with a couple of jam-packed bumper issues rather than a slimmer daily edition. Let us know which you prefer.

This week: the real dog behind Dogmeat in Fallout 4, Age of Mythology gets a new expansion 12 years after its release, sexy water droplet physics, replayability and more.

Also: anyone for TF2 this Halloween?

The Dog Behind Dogmeat
This behind-the-scenes video reveals that Fallout’s Dogmeat is based on River, the furry friend of Fallout 4 lead level designer Joel Burgess.

12 years after its release, Age of Mythology is getting a new expansion
Age of Mythology, part of the Age of Empires RTS series was recently re-released on Steam, but the real surprise is that developer Forgotten Empires will be putting out a new expansion. Tale of the Dragon will be based on Chinese myth and follows the company’s recent African Kingdoms expansion for Age of Empires II. Apparently, you can’t keep a good game down.

Naked dude scrubbing simulator 2015
It sounds like a game I’d make up for a spoof review, but it’s not. In Robert Yang’s Rinse and Repeat, you can get hands-on with part of the gay cruising experience while not actually having to get your, er, hands on anyone. Which is one way of expanding your horizons, I suppose. NSFW. Obviously. Includes advanced sexy water droplet physics.

What goes into a re-playable narrative?
Game designer and researcher Joe Baxter-Webb on the kind of restrictions that make a truly replayable game.

This VR game about flirting is really unsettling
Wired reports that new PlayStation VR games make for an uncanny experience.

Elite: Dangerous is getting Vive VR support, too.
Frontier is going to be adding support for Valve and HTC’s Vive VR headset to go with existing Oculus Rift support. I’m actually going to have to get a VR headset at some point in the next 12 months, aren’t I?

Panoramical is a particularly snazzy looking music visualiser game
As you manipulate audio tracks using a mouse, keyboard, controller, or MIDI control surface, the sound and graphics shift to correspond with the soundscape you’ve crafted. There’s even a dedicated 18-dial MIDI control Pod.

Finally: would any of you guys like to play TF2 for Halloween?

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