Links of Interest Weekly – 5 October 2015 – but can it play Doom?

No time to explain! Here are some links! Including: what’s wrong with Final Fantasy V on Steam, the making of the Witcher 3’s best quest, computer mags from 1996, Doom on the Apple watch and plenty more.

This is what’s wrong with the Final Fantasy 5 remake on Steam

1996 computer magazines are like a tech time capsule

Does handheld gaming having to be cute to work?

How the Witcher 3’s best quest was made

Humble Monthly Bundle subscriptions launch with a free copy of Legend of Grimrock 2 for early subscribers

Rejoice! The Apple Watch now plays Doom
From the department of “yes, but can you play Doom on it?”

Why is Amnesia so damn scary?

The ongoing Star Citizen drama rolls on as Cloud Imperium Games demands an apology for poorly backed up claims

The UN Cyberviolence report is bullshit spouting the old “games make children killing zombies” rhetoric, gets slammed by everyone + dog

Rare releases never-before-seen footage of when Conker was a cutesy kid-friendly affair

FTL sountrack now out on vinyl

Review: The Beginner’s Guide is a game that doesn’t want to be written about

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