Links of Interest weekly edition: 29 Sept 2015 – Oculus Rift VR wars, and more!

Here’s a whole weeks worth of links, all at once! Today, we’ve got Oculus Rift VR wars, the auction of an Apple 1 motherboard, even more reasons to be sad about the cancellation of Silent Hills, the return of Dynamix’s Red Baron, a history of boss battles and more!

I’m really excited about the new Oculus Rift hardware and you should be, too
At the entry level, the Samsung Gear headset will be just $99, while for those of us who want something a bit more serious, the consumer release of the Facebook-owned Oculus Rift for PC is coming soon (but initially with an Xbox controller). Also: forthcoming games to support the platform include Bullet Time from our old friends Epic.

Valve blames bad development for VR nausea, takes a shot at Oculus’s use of Xbox controllers
Everyone loves a good hardware war, and in a throwback to the console wars of yesteryear, Valve has taken a swipe at rival VR hardware developer Oculus. Ars Technica reports the Valve’s Chet Faliszek said that “the easiest way to get somebody sick” in virtual reality is by trying to tie conventional control methods to a VR environment. You know. Like Oculus wants you to do until its controllers come out – much later than its consumer headset is due to reach players. Valve is currently working with HTC to launch the Vive VR headset.

At least broad support from graphics card developers should force everyone to play nice with their VR standards.
Right? Right???

Early Apple failed to sell at auction
An Apple 1 motherboard failed to sell at auction last week. Probably because it had a starting price of $300,000. Beat that, eBay.

Cancelled Silent Hills was to have featured the art of Junji Ito
Director Guillermo del Toro has revealed that the cancelled Silent Hill reboot was to have involved the collaboration of legendary manga artist Junji Ito (The Verge). Ito’s characteristically horrific illustration work is best known from series such as Gyo and Uzumaki. Silent Hills was to have been directed by del Toro along with Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima until it was cancelled by Konami earlier this year. I am still incredibly sad about this.

Review: Soma takes horror gaming into the abyss
Frictional Games’ Soma looks utterly terrifying, but what would you expect from the makers of Penumbra and Amnesia: The Dark Descent? Set in a dark undersea future that has shades of John Carpenter’s The Abyss, this looks like one to play.

Polygon’s annotated history of boss battles
Get your giant robot LeChuck here! Solid round up of some of the best boss battles in gaming history, old and new. What are your favourites?

The return of the Red Barron
Dynamix’s Damon Slye burnt out back in the day, so he decided to travel, get a maths degree, and earn his pilot’s licence. As you do. But now he’s back, with a new company called Mad Otter and plans for an updated version of his classic flight combat sim, Red Barron.

Nintendo goes open source
For gaming graphics. The Khronos group, including Sony, Microsoft, Valve, Oculus, and Nvidia, hopes to ensure that the future of graphics will be broadly compatible. Which would be nice.

Unsung Story is a painful example of Kickstarter mission creep
In a narrative that we’re sure will recur as we all get to grips with the realities of crowdfunded gaming, Unsung Story, from the makes of Final Fantasy Tactics, is shaping up to be absolutely nothing like the narrative-heavy single-player game that was initially promised.

TWOCker learned to drive thanks to the Playstation
Cheers, Sony.

Gaming gif of the day: burn
H/T Matt Williams

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