Your PC gaming links of interest for 9 Sept 2015

Welcome to the first in an occasional series collecting the most interesting PC gaming links of the day/week/our era.

Without further ado, here are your PC gaming links of interest for 9 Sept 2015:

Ron Gilbert on how you budget an indie game
The veteran Monkey Island developer talks about Thimbleweed Park, how indie budgets compare to those at big publishers, and how much work goes into seemingly small things.

What’s it like running an arcade in 2015?
Some of them sell beer. This can only be a good thing for both coin feeding due to poor reflexes and fun. But probably makes for sticky cabinets.

Pippin: Apple’s failed console
Does anyone else notice that Polygon waxes lyrical about Apple’s history here but doesn’t even mention the Apple II? Which was kind of massively important to the develop of home computer gaming in general, right?

Oh, and VentureBeat says that Apple has “contempt and apathy for gaming”

Despite the title, this piece is actually a pretty decent retrospective, written by someone who had an Apple IIe. Where do you stand on this? Is Apple guilty of neglect when it comes to gamers?

Ant Simulator is a thing
I don’t think I can really add anything to the awesomeness of this. You get mandibles. MANDIBLES.

Public service announcement: here’s a spoiler-free method of avoiding that game-breaking bug in Metal Gear Solid 5
Not even a tenuous link to PC gaming, but let’s disseminate this far and wide, yeah?

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