The Dark Crystal (1983)

The Dark Crystal is one of the original movie games.

The Dark Crystal is an early text adventure with graphics made by Sierra On-Line as part of its Hi-Res Adventure series. It’s based on The Dark Crystal movie by Jim Henson, which is a really interesting movie if you haven’t seen it. It uses puppetry, so it’s nominally a kids’ movie, but it’s pretty dark (like the title), and likely would be too scary for young children.

The game was designed by Roberta Williams. You play as Jen, the main character from the movie, who is the chosen one of prophecy who needs to heal the dark crystal and restore harmony to the world. The game came in a large 8.5″ by 11″ folder, and was originally released only for the Apple and Atari 8 bit machines. The game eventually got a “sort of” release for the PC, as part of the Roberta Williams Anthology, but it was just disk images of the Apple version along with an emulator, rather than a proper port.

The Dark Crystal
The big box for The Dark Crystal.

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