Ultima II Unboxing

Ultima II: The Revenge of the Enchantress

There are many variations on Ultima II releases. If you’re looking to buy, here’s a guide on how to tell if your copy is the very first release (if that’s the version you’re looking for).

There are two main pieces which dictate whether yours is the first release. One is the Errata sheet. The other is the manual.

There is a sheet included which has some misprints corrected which is only included in the first release.  I believe the errata sheet brought to light for collectors by Joe Garrity of the Origin Museum. Since then, it has been a sought after piece for the discerning Ultima II collector. If that card happens to be missing, then look for the Ultima II manual to be black and white. Later releases had a sepia tone print on the front cover. As always, mix-ups and variations are common in these older computer games, so contents can be different.

Because this is the first release, it does not necessarily make it the most rare. That title would go to the Ultima II Black box edition, which was a bridge between the big box ones and the grey box editions (which are the most common).

The first few releases of Ultima II had a very well made cloth map, and on it tey featured the old Sierra Online logo. For the later releases, they reprinted the map and used the new, more recognizable Sierra Online Logo. I’m told that the maps for the later releases are not as high quality as the old ones.

As I mention in the video, pristine copies of these boxes appear to be rare. If you find one, you might end up paying a bit more. These games are very old, and the original owners were rarely concerned with it’s collectible qualities.

If you’re looking for more information on Ultima games, check out The Ultima Codex. Also, there is often Origin game conversations happening in the Big Box PC Game Collectors Facebook Group.

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