Cyborg (1981)

Cyborg is a rare text adventure indeed.

This game is an early text adventure written by famed adventure game writer Michael Berlyn, for Sentient Software. It was believed by collectors not to exist for the IBM PC for a long while, until collector C.E. Forman found (in a warehouse) a copy that was republished by Softsmith a couple of years later. Even Mike Berlyn was not aware of the IBM version’s existence. This version is extremely rare, and I’m guessing that maybe 5 copies are in the hands of collectors. (If you have one, raise your hand.) It came in a very thin box that holds the disk and manual.

Interestingly enough, the IBM version was apparently developed on an IBM clone, and was not tested and actually does not run properly on a real IBM machine. The game executable was eventually fixed to run properly on modern machines. There have been rumors that Big Box PC Game Collectors group member Jim Leonard may have been somehow involved in this escapade, although that is likely unfounded urban legend.

The box for Cyborg.

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