Doctor Who: The Adventure Games (2015)

Doctor Who makes the transition from the TV to computer game.

This is a compilation of the 5 Doctor Who “adventure games” that were released by the BBC a few years ago. They feature the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith), and his companion Amy Pond, as they struggle against Daleks, Cybermen, and other classic Doctor Who foes. They aren’t really adventure games – more like action adventures – but they are fun. They were initially released only for online download. They were free if you lived in the UK, and you had to pay for them if you lived elsewhere (not very nice). Recently, they finally got a physical release. It’s only a jewel case in a sleeve, but it’s better than nothing, at least in my book. I’m glad to have a physical copy.

Doctor Who: The Adventure Games
Doctor Who: The Adventure Games received a physical release, but was originally a download only game.

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