Gravity Angels: Alien Discovery (1998)

Gravity Angels: Alien Discovery explores the dark side of space mining.

This is another choose-your-own-adventure type game, set in a sci-fi future where you’re an employee of an interstellar mining corporation. You’ve been sent to do some mining near Jupiter with a bunch of colleagues who apparently all have some dark secret and cannot be trusted. To make matters somewhat more interesting, the computer equipment keeps seeming to pick up alien lifeforms. What is going on? Can you find out without ending up dead?

This is the first part of a 4 part story. The video is all rendered 3D graphics. It was originally released as a CD in a jewel case (I have never seen a box for this at least), and the video was rendered on the fly by the software. Subsequently, this title was pre-rendered (I’m assuming at the maximum possible quality) and ported to DVD. It’s playable both on a computer with a DVD-ROM drive or on a standard DVD player.

Gravity Angels: Alien Discovery
Gravity Angels: Alien Discovery

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